What does jujube honey taste like?

The jujube honey can taste different depending on the harvest and its geographical origin.

Although geographical origin doesn't have a huge impact on the final taste between jujube honeys, there can be slight shifting notes.

More notable differences can be observed from one harvest to the next, where the content of the honeys is different, so the taste is bound to be affected.

The caramel side of jujube honey

If you like the taste of caramel, but also of sugar, you're sure to appreciate jujube honey. Indeed, that's the major note that comes through, being more or less strong depending on the harvest.

Yemeni honey is more often marked by this note, all the more so when the product is of superior quality.

The floral notes of sidr honey

Second and more persistent are floral notes that will remain on the palate after the first caramel wave has passed.

Very typical of jujube honey, it reinforces this sweet side of what is known in Yemen as "yellow gold".

What makes jujube honey taste different

A honey is never the result of 100% production from a single flower. Even if we speak of monofloral honey, there will always be a trace of one or more flowers that will be in the ultra minority.

So, each honey is ultimately a unique composition whose artists are the bees. The taste of each honey will therefore be appreciated, even if in general there are great similarities between them.

At the end of the day, each honey is a unique composition whose artists are the bees.

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